Double side Folding Rotavators

روتیواتورتاشو دو طرفه زراعی

Product Group : Rotavator

علف زن روتیواتور خم زن راکتوری روتور برزگر ولیدی کشاورزی توسعه مدرن روتیواتور اشو هیدرولیک دوطرفه

کاربرد دستگاه : در مزارع و زمین های وسیع برای خرد کردن کلوخ در خاکورزی ثانویه مورد استفاده قرارمی گیرد

Product Review

Advantages of device: 1) For the usefulness of the device working width, the number of blades is embedded in 6 plates 2)Due to its high plowing depth, it is a good alternative to discs 3) It has 12 millimeters plates to prevent wear excessive pressure on blades 4)Equipped with gear transmission mechanism on both sides of the device 5) Equipped with vascazen middle hubs, eliminates lubrication operations 6) Equipped with two side gearboxes to increase power in Rotavators over 3 meters 7)In case of order, the possibility of mounting high depth tillage along the tractor tires 8) For easy transportation, the device can be bent (folded) hydraulically 9) Equipped with traffic lights and lights when the device is folding or is in used 10) The device is equipped with three integrated points 11) Equipped with gearbox on the both side and a three-way gearbox with two rotations in Rotavators over 3 meters 12) Considering a suitable material in the design of the device and using ST52 sheet and using steel in special parts of the device 13) Using two rows of ball bearings on four sides of the machine for flexibility against flange blows 14) Equipped with two cardan shaft with clutch system on both sides of the device to transfer power from the gearbox to the side gears 15)Equipped with a spring-loaded rear door to level the ground (trowel) in heavy rotavators the rear door system is hydraulic 16) Equipped with a safety pin to prevent shocking blows to the device on both sides 17)Equipped with hydraulic lock after folding the device 18) Equipped with an integrated axle shaft with a diameter of 120 mm and high alloy steel 19) In case of order, it is possible to install disc to level the soil in front of the device 20) In case of ordering in streams and ridges system in addition to the rear door, a crushing system after the blade will be installed 21) Having gears with 35 mm width to increase strength of the device 22) Equipped with a leveling device for easy adjustment of the arms and balancing the device in place 23) Unique flange design with blades 5 cm apart to prevent any tillage vacuum

Technical Info

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